Skin Tone

What is My Skin Tone?
Skin tone refers to skin complexion, or skin color, and whether someone is fair, medium or dark. There are 2 categories of skin tones, cool skin tone and warm skin tone.

Am I a Warm or Cool Skin Tone?
Cool skin tones have blue undertones, and warm skin tones are more yellow. An easy way to determine this is to take a look at the inside of your forearms. Are your veins blue (cool skin tone) or green (warm skin tone)?

Fair Skin Tone - Fair skin, usually burns           Yellow Skin Tone - Causasian, Asian,  before tanning                                                   and Light Mixed Race  




Medium Skin Tone - Olive skin, Latino,           Dark Skin - Indian and African         Mediterranean, and fair skinned                       American

African-American who tan easily