Skin Needling

Skin Needling - Total Skin Rejuvenation

Skin needling, or micro needling is a procedure of opening the pores and creating small holes into the topmost layer of skin . This procedure is clinically proven to aid in activating and facilitating the wound healing process by forcing the skin to produce new cells. Micro needling is an efficient skin rejuvenation therapy for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It is carried out with the use of a hand-held roller containing very small needles that are harmless and cause no pain throughout the whole process.

The process is also referred to as derma rolling, dermal needling, skin rolling, and dermarolling, which are all the same.

The skin needling process may sound frightening to some people, but it is just like some other popular anti-aging treatments that involve peeling away unwanted skin layers. Therefore, it is a less invasive procedure, and can be carried out in your home, at your convenience. The process itself will begin by cleansing the skin, then applying your anti-aging cream on the skin. next the skin needling roller will be held taut and rolled over your skin four to six times in back and forth motions. The anti-aging cream can be lightly applied again for maximum absorption.

Benefits of Skin Needling as a Non Surgical Face Lift

This derma rolling process is also beneficial when it comes to reducing the time taken to repair the skin. Some other methods of skin treatment may involve deeper skin penetration and so the skin may take longer to fully recover after the treatment. There are also higher chances of skin infections when such methods are applied. Other processes may be long and even painful at times.

With skin roller therapy, the rollers only work on the skin surface without penetrating deeper, making the recovery process faster and also eliminating any chances of more infections. Therefore, micro needling is among the safest skin treatment methods.


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There are skin treatment methods that will require you to visit a clinic frequently for post-treatment check ups, but with skin needling you can use our Derma Rejuv Roller anywhere and there will be no need for post treatment check ups. This reduces all the travel and medication costs that may be involved with other skin treatments.

There is no bleeding or bruising involved with this process. Skin reddening may occur, but it usually disappears within an hour. However, it is very important to strictly follow instructions when carrying out this process to avoid unnecessary complications.