Paraben Free Wrinkle Cream

Selecting A Paraben Free Wrinkle Cream

Creams, serums and lotions play a huge role in our daily skincare lives.
The products we use during our daily rituals could include
real and present danger.

That new lotion or cream may smell wonderful,
but how good it is for you, or your skin?

Some of the most dangerous chemicals known as
parabens can be found in personal care products.
Parabens are synthetic preservatives, they are inexpensive
fillers used in the formulation of personal and
grooming products.

Check the label of some of your favorite products,
you will likely find methylparaben, propylparaben,
and ethylparaben as listed ingredients.

Our skin is our largest organ, everything we
rub into it is absorbed into our bloodstream,
which directly impacts our health.

Serious health issues can be due to the toxic

load to the body by the daily use of moisturizers,
sunscreens, and even shampoo that contains parabens.

According to Dr Philippa Darbre, University of
Reading, and Lester Barr, University Hospital
of South Manchester, led a collaborative research
study which published parabens have been linked
to breast cancer, infertility, and allergies.

They have been shown to mimic estrogen which
can drive the growth of human breast tumors.
Their test results revealed that 1 or more
parabens were found in 99% of breast tissue samples.

Why take chances – read the labels, or
ingredients list of all products before purchasing
or using them.

Here at Total Skincare Solutions, all products
are developed and formullated by a full-time
pharmacist and highly qualified analytical chemist
decicated to research and development.

What Our Products Do Not Contain
• Parabens, fillers, or extenders
• Pesticides
• Phthalates
• Petroleum Products
• Fragrance, colors or dyes
• Testing on animals
Customers have reduced their wrinkles up to 50% in 28 days using our potent multi peptide wrinkle cream

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