Natural Skin Care

All Natural Skin Care at Home
The human skin is more than just a pretty covering! It is really a complex organ that plays a vital role in many of the body's biochemical processes. However, the human skin contributes much in the way of beauty and attractiveness to our appearance. So it is no wonder that we invest so much time and resource in beautifying our skin to maintain a youthful look which in turn gives us confidence and a measure of self-esteem.

Natural Skin Care Tips
So what are seven tips for beautiful skin through Natural Skin Care? These include proper hydration, adequate dietary fiber, exercise, exfoliation, avoiding excessive exposure to the sun's UV rays, minimizing stress and a healthy diet. And most important, using quality natural skin care products for your specific skin type to maintain healthy,glowing skin.
Let's give consideration to these.

1. Proper Hydration Essential for Healthy Skin

Maintain younger looking skin by consuming at least 64 fluid ounces of water each day. This is, perhaps, one of the most effective anti-aging tips for skin care. Water helps in rejuvenating the cell's, flushing out toxins from the body and maintaining good muscular flexibility.

2. Adequate Dietary Fiber

The recommended daily amount of fiber for each adult is 30 g and plays a significant role in making your skin look better. Fiber has a stabilizing effect on the digestive system and an effective way to get the needed fiber intake is through the consumption of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Citrus fruits, apples, oats, beans and carrots are other good sources of fiber.

3. Proper Exercise Vital for Youthful Appearance

Very few people realize the profound effects that good vigorous exercise has on the skin's beauty, its smoothness and elasticity. Exercise not only is good for the cardiovascular system but also promotes perspiration which aids in secreting wastes from the skin. It improves skin tone and texture. In addition exercise increases your energy, boosts confidence and minimizes the effects of stress. All this is good for the skin.

4. Exfoliation - Do It Often

In our day to day life, our skin is exposed to many abuses. These include pollution, excessively dry air, heat and radiation from the sun, dirt, excessive natural oils and dead skin cells. Add to this the effects of aging and the result is a loss of luster in our skin, unevenness of skin tone and our once youthful appearance and skin glow can no longer be seen.

In the meantime, new skin cells are being produced in the lower layer of the skin called the dermis. As these new skin cells rise to the surface all the debris must be removed for the new fresher skin to shine through. The process of removing this upper layer is known as exfoliation, or facial peels. Exfoliating may be carried out chemically or mechanically.

5. Avoiding Excessive Exposure to the Sun's UV Rays

Prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight can have a severe effect on the skin. From skin cancer to dry skin, wrinkles and age spots – you must protect your skin by the use of sunscreen and proper covering when you must go out into the sunlight.

6. Keep Stress to a Minimum

It should come as no surprise that prolonged stress is a major cause of premature aging. Therefore adequate rest along with relaxation may help turn back the hands of time for you!

7. A Diet That Promotes Healthy Skin

Crucial to maintaining youthful looking healthy skin is a proper balanced diet with needed vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in the B-complex, A and C vitamins are excellent for natural skin care which promotes healthy and beautiful skin.

As you can see the natural skin care approach is not only safe but also very cost effective. It is not only environmentally friendly and free of harmful side effects but it makes use of the body's natural processes to promote healthy skin, youthful appearance and a sense of well-being.

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