Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The Wonders of Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Ah, anti-wrinkle cream. Many write it off as the stuff of legend, primarily because most are gimmicky and don’t work. What most people fail to understand is that anti-wrinkle cream can be effective – it simply depends upon whether the cream has the right active ingredients for the job.

We have quite a unique selection of anti-aging products here at Total Skincare Solutions. All are formulated using only natural, pure ingredients. You’ll be able to see the difference right away, and you’ll continue to watch in wonder as your skin becomes more healthy, smoother, and increasingly vibrant after each use. To sum it up in one word: life-changing.

Total Skincare Solutions is here to meet all of your anti-aging skin care needs, and we’re 100% dedicated to offering premium products that deliver results. We can't technically turn back time (although we’re working on that), but we can help you slow the effects of aging skin by stopping wrinkles in their tracks.

If you’re on a mission to change your skin for the better, then it’s worth a discussion about how we get wrinkles in the first place, as well as how you can get healthy skin and eliminate facial wrinkles, crows feet, and those stubborn forehead wrinkles for good.

Bad news. As years wear on, your skin starts to break down. Of course, aging is out of our control, but other environmental factors are not:

Smoking - Smokers are damaging their skin from the inside out. It’s no secret that cigarettes are bad for your health, but some have no clue that cigs can also dry your face and cause all sorts of other fun premature signs of aging as well. Do yourself a favor and kick that nasty habit to the curb before it’s too late.

Poor diet - Your body requires proper nutrition in order to stimulate collagen production and skin cell repair. Make sure to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and take a daily multivitamin to ensure your skin has a chance to heal itself regularly.

Sun damage - Those sunrays might feel good on your face right now, but repeated unprotected sun exposure is the single worst thing you can do to your skin. The UVA and UVB rays from the sunlight can severely damage your skin cells, and your skin will begin to appear wrinkled and unevenly colored as time wears on. You’re also putting yourself at much greater risk for skin cancer, so slather on the sunscreen every time you venture outdoors.

Free radicals - Pollution and other chemicals in your environment can also contribute to skin damage. These free radicals cause oxidation, which leads to a dull, ashen appearance in your face.



Anti-Aging Products Recommended by Dermatologist

Many factors can contribute to wrinkles on your face and body. However, eliminating bad habits and minimizing exposure to harmful elements can actually slow down the damage. Dermatologists recommend the following ingredients to accomplish this feat:

Hyaluronic Acid -- Research has shown that as we age, the hyaluronic acid content in our skin decreases substantially. Our Hyaluronic Acid is 100% pure, and it draws moisture from the air to keep your skin moist. It also works to stimulate collagen, and decreases wrinkles as well.

Our Multi Peptide Wrinkle Cream contains a cocktail of six different peptides. We combine them with soothing jojoba oil and squalane for natural moisturizing. It also includes Argireline® to reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines.

We take great pride in our Under Eye Cream. It’s developed with Vitamin K – vital for fading age spots and eradicating dark under eye circles. The cream also includes Arnica Montana for reducing embarrassing under eye puffiness.

See, wrinkle creams don’t have to be confusing! Use our guide to find the right cream for you, and enjoy the results without all the stress of agonizing over the right product for the job.



Amp Up Your Skincare Products

We’re pumped to announce the introduction of our exclusive Derma Rejuv Roller. This groundbreaking new device rejuvenates your skin while naturally increasing collagen and elastin levels in your skin. At this point, you’re probably wonder how the heck it works.

Please, allow us to blow your mind.

The Derma Rejuv Roller is a hand-held skin roller, and it’s designed with surgical titanium micro needles. These needles roll gently over the surface of your skin, painlessly penetrating its upper surface. This process is known as skin needling, or micro needling, and it’s all the rage in salons and spas. Now, you can get in on the action and achieve the same benefits at home… without the expensive price tag. Plus, you can use it safely on your skin, regardless of color or type. It works for everyone without causing any damage in the process.

In order to rejuvenate the derma, roller needles penetrate the upper layer of your skin. This penetration creates micro channels and temporarily opens your pores. Once you have open, absorbent skin, your skincare products will glide effortlessly onto your face and penetrate your skin deeper than ever before.

Did you know that clogged pores cause your skincare products to sit on top of your skin instead of soaking into your pores? The Derma Rejuv Roller changes all that, and you’ll finally start getting your money’s worth out of all those facial products once you begin using it before applying them.

This simple but revolutionary treatment provides multiple benefits:

  • Maximizes effectiveness of skincare products up to 200%
  • You’ll feel no pain
  • No skin damage whatsoever
  • Roller increases your natural elastin and collagen production
  • Smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of pores size
  • We offer three different styles of the Derma Rejuv Roller. There’s something for everyone:

Derma Renew Skin Roller

Use on your face and neck area to thicken delicate skin, smooth scars, and erase wrinkles and fine lines for good

$62.00 USD
Derma Refresh Skin Roller

Stimulates the dermis of your skin to encourage collagen and fight the signs of aging

$67.00 USD
Derma Refine Skin Roller

Gently stimulates your skin to promote and encourage natural collagen production

$62.00 USD