Touch of Nature™ Rosehip Face Cleanser

Rosehip Seed Face Cleanser
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           Touch of Nature™
Rosehip Seed Oil Face Cleanser

Skin Types: Dry | Normal | Sensitive

  • Rosehip oil helps restore skin's radiance
  • Improves firmness and reduces visible signs of aging
  • Provides intense hydration and antioxidant protection
  • 4 oz - lasts approx. 8 months when used 2 times daily

Refine. Remove impurities with this revitalizing cleanser that leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and balanced.



Rose Hips - Essential Oil Facial Treatment

Cleaning your skin is the first step in your anti-aging skincare routine. With the proper facial cleanser, you can help to prepare your skin for the application of other anti-aging products, while also helping to infuse the skin with helpful ingredients.

Our Rose hip face cleanser is a current favorite today as it helps to work with the natural processes in the skin, allowing you to see results, even before you use a skincare lotion. It’s formulated with rosehip seed oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the rose plant, Rosa rubginosa, which is grown in the lush valleys of the southern Andes.


Why Rosehips Help Your Skin

If you’re looking to see dramatic results from your skincare routine, you may want to turn to nature for answers. With rosehip face cleanser, you will be able to experience and utilize two of the best anti-aging ingredients from the plant world.

  • Vitamin A – What you might not realize is that the key ingredient in Retinol is Vitamin A, so having this as a part of your rose hip seed oil cleanser will help to stimulate new cell production, which promotes collagen and elastin levels.
  • Vitamin C - One of the richest plant sources available, which makes it a superb tissue hydrator with a high absorbing level.
  • Vitamin E – In addition, Vitamin E offers you essential fatty acids which can plump up the skin, allowing fine lines and wrinkles to look smoother.

Just as with any facial cleanser, you need to use your rose hip face cleanser correctly to see the best results. Rose hip seed oil is a dry oil, which means it will soak into the skin almost instantly, and is a superb tissue hydrator. It will not leave a greasy residue, but will provide much a needed moisture balance that is frequently lost by environmental conditions.

Wet your face with warm (never hot) water before you apply the cleanser to your skin. Gently rub the cleanser on your skin in circular patterns, careful to avoid the eyes and mouth. When the skin has been completely covered in the skin cleanser, completely rinse it from your face with warm water. Pat your skin dry and then apply other anti-aging products as needed for your skin type listed below.


The great thing about rosehip oil is that while other facial cleansers might be filled with more ingredients, this gentle skin cleanser is natural, helping you to work with the way your skin can repair itself. When your skin is supporting in this natural way, you’re less likely to see side effects like redness and irritation.

This natural facial cleanser is safe and effective for all skin types. However, you'll enjoy exceptional results with this gentle cleanser if you have sensitive skin, or dry skin.

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